My Programs

Here are some programs I have written. Most were written for classes or specific uses, but if you find any code or binaries useful, feel free to use them (however, please contact me for commercial use).

Java Chat Window (Java)

This is a little program I did back in 2004 for a Java class I took in high school. The program is still a little buggy (especially when server and client are run on the same machine). I'm sure I could debug it and make it run smoother, but I see no point.
launch.jar - Java archive launcher - chat server Source Code - chat client Source Code - file transfer "plugin" Source Code

Vocabulary Study Guide (Java)

A Java applet that reads parameters (words and definitions) from an HTML file and then shows the word and/or the definition in the applet. Again this was for the Java class I took (which was combined with an English class, hence the English study guide).
EnglishStudyGuide.class - The compiled Java applet
EnglishStudyGuide.htm - The HTML file to read the applet and pass the words and definitions as parameters. - The study guide Java source code

Poker Values (Java)

A Java project for my Java class. This is an application which deals you cards, you can then hold the cards and continue drawing new cards until the hard-coded limit. After this limit, the results of your hand and your score will be displayed. You must download and extract for this to work properly. Looking back, I should have put a button to hold all cards and a way of including the images in the compiled file. - This contains the card images for program. Download and extract the images folder to the same directory that the jar, class, or java file is located in.
PokerValues.jar - Java Archive Launcher
PokerValues.class - Compiled Java class - Java source code

Website counter (Perl)

This is a counter for use on webpages. I borrowed some of the code from a much simpler counter (unfortunatly I don't remember the name or author) and built up from there adding a backend and ability to track statistics from counters on different pages. Unfortunatly there are some security flaws with the backend (as this was one of my first Perl scripts) and I can see several other improvements I could make if I had the time and interest. Below is the counter at work:

Counter Backend - This is the backend of the above counter. (Most configuration is actually done within the individual scripts). - Archive of all the files used.

Download Counter (Perl)

A simple counter that counts each time a file is downloaded. - The script file and also a preview of the script when a file is downloaded.
main.cgi? - View the number of times this file has been downloaded.

2009 Ben Zastovnik